Sunday, June 6, 2010

Messi kuat berdengkur??hehe

Throughout much of this past season, Lionel Messi seemed incapable of doing any wrong on the pitch. But according to World Cup roommate Juan Sebastian Veron, that sublime perfection on the pitch doesn't translate to nocturnal control of his nasal passages.

From the Telegraph:

The shaven-headed senior citizen of the squad, who has taken Messi under his wing, said the only thing that threatened the peace at the camp was the 22-year-old's snoring.

"He's a good room mate, a small problem is that he snores a lot, but that can be resolved with a pillow," said a grinning Veron, at his third World Cup since 1998.

Smothering the world's best player in his sleep because he sounds like a broken garbage disposal trying to break down a canned ham probably wouldn't be met with joy from World Cup organizers or fans of the game. Yet, if a sleep-deprived Veron gets off to a slow start in the tournament, don't be surprised if Messi wakes up in the hallway one day with duct tape wrapped around his head.

wlau cner pn,dia tetap pmain hbat bg aku..sbb dia la aku skong argntina..n sbb dia gk aku skong barca..

klu die partner ngn torres dlm liverpool,pergh.....memg kncang la...gd luck messi...either argntna or spain only will win WC2010...hehe

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